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MRSPT ‘s mission and purpose is to preserve and promote the historical legacy of the Military Road School, utilizing various educational programs and events to share the school’s story, which began with its founding during the Civil War in 1864.

When was MRSPT established?

MRSPT, established in 2003, evolved from the Military Road School Alumni Association, which formed in 1997.

Is MRSPT affiliated with or a part of any other organizations?

Although MRSPT works closely with other community non-profit organizations involved in similar preservation and educational activities, we are not officially connected with any of them.

How is MRSPT funded?

MRSPT receives its support through membership fees and donations from individuals and other non-profit organizations.

Who can Join MRSPT?
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Does MRSPT own the Military Road School Building?

The school building, constructed in 1912, is now connected to a larger structure built by its current owner, the LAMB School.  While MRSPT supports the site’s continued use as an educational facility, we have no involvement in  connection with its use or operation.

Does MRSPT offer educational scholarships?

Through the Military Road School Donnessa Lucas Memorial Scholarship Fund, MRSPT continues the practice originated by the Alumni Association of offering financial assistance scholarships annually to local students enrolled in and attending an accredited college or university.

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