Annual Prayer Breakfast   - March 17, 2018

Nannie Helen Burroughs Wreath-Laying Ceremony  - May10, 2018

Renowned vocalist Mrs. Annette Singletary rendered music at MRSPT’s Annual Prayer breakfast held at the St. Luke Baptist Church in upper northwest D.C., and  St. Luke’s Pastor, Rev. Aubrey C. Lewis, offered Meditations reflecting upon this year’s theme: “Be Kind to One Another.”  Accompanied by family members, Mrs. Doris Taylor, who taught at the Military Road School from 1952 until it closed as a public school in 1954, was among the attendees.  Mrs. Clorie Carpenter, Mrs. Ruth B. Johnson and Mrs. Beatrice Liggins, all of whom are Military Road School alumni, were among the program participants.

A group of MRSPT supporters gathered at the site of the Nannie Helen Burroughs School in northeast Washington for a brief wreath-laying ceremony to honor the legacy of this well-known local educator and activist.  They were joined by people from all walks of life who shared ways in which their lives had been impacted by Miss Burroughs’ extensive involvement with the Washington D.C. community as well as her dedication to improve the lives of other citizens throughout the country.    

2018 Military Road School History Presentations

2018 Military Road School History Presentations

Military Road School alumni Barbara Johnson and Theresa Saxton were invited to share their experiences as Military Road School students with guests at the Annual Eighty and Over Luncheon celebrating the octogenarians of the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in northwest Washington, D.C.

Community Allicance for Upper Fourteenth Street (CAUFS) October 9 2018

The Andromeda Transcultural Health facility hosted several special Chowan Discovery Group Presentations in October. Among them was Chowan producer Marvin T. Jones' film of oral history testimonies by former  Military Road School teacher Mrs. Doris Taylor and several former students, which media project was funded by a DC humanities grant. Following its showing, former Military Road School Students Theresa Saxton and Ann Smitherman shared additional historical information and their personal recollections as elementary school students.

Lincoln-Thomas Day - October 6, 2018      

     The Lincoln-Thomas Day commemorative program, which is observed annually at Fort Stevens on the third Saturday in September, was rescheduled to October 6th, due to the uncertainty of inclement weather conditions.  A simple wreath-laying ceremony marked this year’s observance, with special remarks from Ms. Carolyn Coleman of the National Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs of America and Mr. Matthew Frumin of Temple Sinai, who used as examples the two figures being honored to emphasize the importance of interaction between our communities.   The NFCWCA initiated this national day of remembrance on September 22, 1924, to honor the Great Emancipator, President Abraham Lincoln and Brightwood citizen Elizabeth Thomas, who was known as the owner of Fort Stevens.

            Ms. Carolyn Coleman                                            Mr. Matthew Frumin

2017 Scholarship Recipients

MRSPT Scholarship Reception  - June 16, 2018

Annual Membership Meeting - October 27, 2018    

             MRSPT announces the following recipients of the Military Road School Donnessa Lucas Memorial Scholarship Fund Award:  Mr. Robel Abza, Ms. Daniella Butler, Ms. Amy Green, Mr. Dewit Mammo, Ms. Erica Morton, Ms. Arica Shepherd and Mr. Philip O’Sullivan.   We hope you will join us in wishing each of them a successful year of studies, and we thank all of you who made it possible for MRSPT to offer financial assistance for some of their education-related expenses.

MRSPT’s Annual Membership meeting was held at the Fourth District Precinct on Saturday, October 27th.   In addition to the open forum during which members were given an opportunity to offer suggestions, make inquiries or provide feedback about our organization and its programs, MRSPT’s officers for 2019 were officially confirmed pursuant to the responses received from members.  Accordingly, incumbents R. Barbara Johnson (President), Clinton Williams (Vice President), Patricia Tyson (Executive Secretary), and Theresa Saxton (Secretary) agreed to continue serving in their respective offices.  Pending the appointment of a permanent Treasurer, MRSPT Board member Dale Jones is serving in an interim capacity.  

     Historians Mara Cherkasky and Sarah Jane Shoenfeld of Prologue DC unveiled Mapping Segregation’s new website at the George Washington University Museum on Wednesday, October 24th.   The event included a panel discussion moderated by WAMU’s Sasha-Ann Simons on how Mapping Segregation helps define the intersection of race and real estate in DC’s past and present.  This digital public history project, for which MRSPT serves as the non-profit sponsoring organization, is being made possible through a grant offered by the DC Preservation League.  The website,, will feature new and updated exhibits on legal challenges to covenants and on the role of real estate development, blockbusting and racial steering in shaping 20th century D.C.

45th Annual D.C. History Conference - November 2, 2018   

National Wreaths Across America Day – December 15, 2018

     As in the past several years, MRSPT again participated in this annual event through Board Members Barbara Johnson, Peter Kissel and Pat Tyson who shared the history and legacy of the Military Road School.  They displayed a photo and literature exhibit on Friday, November 2nd, at the 45th Annual D.C. History Conference: “Mobility, Migration, and Movement,” held at the Van Ness campus of the University of the District of Columbia November 1-4. 

In keeping with this year’s central theme “Be their witness,” Troop #224 of the Boy Scouts of America partnered with the National Park Service to place wreaths on the 43 tombstones of Civil War Confederate and Union soldiers buried at the Battleground National Cemetery, which is located near Fort Stevens in northwest Washington D.C.  The event, presided over by Ms. Kym Elder, the Program Manager for the Civil War Defenses of Washington, included music rendered by the Montgomery Blair High School Chamber Choir.  Ms. Loretta Neumann of the Alliance to Preserve the Civil War Defenses of Washington, who was introduced by our own Pat Tyson, offered remarks; and, joining military and other civilians, Ms. Tyson demonstrated MRSPT’s support for this event by placing two of the wreaths.

Annual Prayer Breakfast 2017
Nannie Helen Burroughs 2017

             MRSPT held its Annual Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, March 18th at the Saint Luke Baptist Church.  This year’s theme:  Great Is Thy Faithfulness was a particularly appropriate one as this organization celebrates its establishment in 2007.  Among our special guests

was Ms. Kim Smith, a former

employee of the D.C. Dept. of

Public Works. 

            Ms. Smith and her colleague,

the late Charles Bostian, were

very instrumental in helping

Military Road School alumni

successfully obtain historic status

for the building by providing critical

photographs of the School, which

was constructed in 1912. 
           Inspirational music provided by renowned vocalist Ms. Annette Singletary and words of encouragement offered by Rev. Dr. Melvin D. Wallace greatly enhanced this momentous occasion at which special recognition was given  and appreciation expressed for many who had contributed to the organization’s accomplishments over its 20-year existence. 

                    On Wednesday, May 10th, MRSPT

                   officers, members and supporters                 

                   honored African American

                   educator and activist Nannie Helen     

                    Burroughs during a wreath-laying

                   ceremony held at the location of   

                   her former school in northeast D.C.  

                   Tributes were paid by                                   

                   attendees, including some whose

                   lives had been personally                                   

                   touched  through association with

                   her school in some manner.  In                  

appreciation of Ms. Burroughs’ endeavors to achieve equality and education excellence, MRSPT was pleased to organize this special observance of Nannie Helen Burroughs Day as declared by Mayor  Walter E. Washington in 1975.  


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